Have you already been to stay with us at Azul Guesthouse? Or maybe you are planning a trip to Morocco soon.

Maybe you picked up a few local words, or would like to know the basics: choukran (thank you/ merci), azul (hello/ bonjour), immim (delicious/ delicieux), mouja (waves/ vagues), bssmila (bon appetit).

Our Berber family hop between their Berber Amazigh language (Tamazight) and Moroccan Arabic (Darija), plus speaking excellent French, English…and other languages too.

It can make learning the language a little confusing and communication slower, so we rely on other forms of communication and practice patience and compassion with each other.

Today’s post is for those who want to learn a few words, if you’d like to learn more, please let us know, join us in the learning process, learning together is fun!

tanmirt = thank you (Berber)

tigmi = home (Berber)

labas = are you fine?


kolshi biherr = all is fine


labas, hamdulillah = I am fine, praise be to God

izza dari lbhr = I love the ocean

bich’hal hada = how much is this?

ayeh = yes/ oui

la = no/ non

bsalama = good bye

inshallah = God willing

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