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“Azul Guesthouse” or “we” applies to the SARL Registered Moroccan Company Azul Guesthouse SARL” and their staff.

The “customer”, “you”, “guest” or “guests” applies to the person/s who will or have already booked any services provided by Azul Guesthouse SARL.


The Guests agrees that they are in good health and fit for surfing, yoga and all other activities organised by Azul Guesthouse. If there are any medical situations, allergies or any other elements which may affect the surfing ability of the guest, the guest must tell Azul Guesthouse before arrival or as soon as they arrive at Azul Guesthouse.

Although we will do our best to take care of you when with Azul Guesthouse, Guests are responsible for taking care of their own health and it is highly recommended that guests purchase Comprehensive Travel Insurance for the entire period of their stay in Morocco which includes the sport of Surfing.

Guests agree that they must listen carefully to the instruction of the surf and yoga coaches at all times. This is for the safety of the guest and other people. We will give you advice to avoid injury but guests also accept that accidents happen when surfing and that Azul Guesthouse is not responsible in any way for any injury, death or loss or damages of belongings.

It is the guests’ responsibility to avoid sunstroke by drinking plenty of bottled water (not tap water), and wearing sun-cream, hats and sunglasses as needed for the guest. It is not advised to drink tap water in Morocco.

Accommodation for Azul Guesthouse is held at Azul Guesthouse, a registered Moroccan Company, unless otherwise stated.

Refunds Policy

Although Azul Guesthouse will do their best to take guests to the best places to surf, we are not at all responsible for surfing conditions. In the rare event that there are unsuitable surfing conditions for example a flat day, rain or wind; the customer is not owed a refund for Surfing, Yoga or any other activities provided or organised by Azul Guesthouse. We will however provide alternative activities such as stand up paddle-boarding, hiking, skate boarding, movie screenings and cultural excursions.
Azul Guesthouse cannot offer refunds should guests or staff members become ill but we promise to do the best we can to offer the guest alternative activities or instructors of a similar standard to the Azul Guesthouse team.

If a guest acts in an irresponsible/unkind/violent way towards equipment, accommodation or persons, Azul Guesthouse have the right to ask them to leave immediately without a refund. In this event, it is the decision of Azul Guesthouse if a refund may be given or not. Should a guest create difficulty/unkindness to another guest or staff member, Azul Guesthouse reserves the right to immediately ask the person to leave without a refund. If a person breaks equipment or items belongings owned by Azul Guesthouse or their partners, the guest will pay the full amount of a replacement or repair.

Changes to Bookings

Should a guest wish to change their travel plans, dates, times, activities booked or packages at any time, it is at the discretion of Azul Guesthouse whether or not the change is acceptable and whether a change in payment is also acceptable. If a booking has been confirmed by Azul Guesthouse, the payment in full is due on arrival to Azul Guesthouse.

It is unlikely that we will have to make any changes to your holiday, but occasionally small changes may be made, which Azul Guesthouse reserve the right to do at any time. Most of these changes are minor and we will advise you at the earliest possible date. This will be of equal standard or higher, chosen by Azul Guesthouse as suitable accommodation. Azul Guesthouse will try our best to inform you of any changes to your accommodation prior to your arrival, however this is not obligatory.

If there is a change in currency exchange rates between the time of booking and the time of payment on arrival to Azul Guesthouse, we have the right to increase the payment amount.

Cancellation of holiday by Guest

If you are obliged to cancel your booking in any form, complete or partial, you should write to Azul Guesthouse immediately. The following sliding scale determines if your holiday is refundable:

  • Cancellation over 6 weeks before arrival date – loss of 30% of holiday cost (deposit)
  • Cancellation 4-6 weeks before arrival date – loss of 50% of holiday cost
  • Cancellation 2 – 4 weeks before arrival date – loss of 75% of holiday cost

Cancellation of holiday by Azul Guesthouse

Azul Guesthouse reserves the right in any circumstance to cancel your holiday. However, in no case will we cancel your holiday less than 8 weeks before the scheduled departure except for reasons of ‘force majeure’ which include war, political unrest, strikes, acts of God, epidemics, natural and technical disaster, closure of ports and aircraft or unless the clients default in the payment of the balance of the holiday price. In circumstances where we are unable to provide the holiday you have booked we will return to you all monies paid, or offer you an alternative holiday of similar standard.

Azul Guesthouse packages cannot be shared by more than the number of persons booked.

Lost, Stolen and or Broken Belongings, accommodation items or Equipment

Our team are very aware of your safety both in and out of the water. We promise to do our best to guide you to safe surf spots and locations. Guests agree that it is their responsibility to take care of their valuables at all times. Azul Guesthouse accepts no responsibility for belongings of guests if, in the unlikely event that they are broken or stolen. We recommend that you take care of your valuables at all times.

If a surfboard/wetsuit or item which belongs to Azul Guesthouse is damaged by a guest, it is at the discretion of Azul Guesthouse whether or not the guest should pay for the repair or replacement of the item. Azul Guesthouse will assist in showing guests how to care for the equipment.

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